How do I activate my Max Buzz?

Welcome to the Virgin Pulse program! To get your Max Buzz device synced up, you'll need access to a USB-port (on a computer or a portable charger), and you'll need to download the Virgin Pulse mobile application onto a supported mobile device. The Virgin Pulse mobile app is compatible with iOs devices and Android phones. 

  • iOs devices operating on iOS 10.0 and above
  • Android devices operating on 5.0 or above

Do you need to download the VP mobile app? If so, click here for step-by-step instructions.

Do you have the VP mobile app and you're ready to register your Max Buzz? If so, click here for step-by-step instructions, or follow the steps listed below.


1)  Open the Virgin Pulse mobile application.

Note*: Make sure that you have the most up-to-date version of the mobile app. 

2)  Click on the icon of three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the Home screen.

3)  In the left margin that appears on the screen, click on "Devices & Apps".


4)  In the "Available Devices & Apps" section, click on "Virgin Pulse Max Buzz".


5)  On the next screen, click on the "Setup a Max Buzz" button.

Note*: Make sure that the Bluetooth setting on your mobile device is turned on, and Location Settings are turned on. 


6)  Here is where the USB port comes into play! Follow the on-screen prompts to "wake up" your Max Buzz device from its shipping mode. Click on the button on the bottom of each screen to advance to the next step.

wake_up.jpg    find_the_end.jpg

7)  Plug the device in to the USB port. Make sure that you are plugging the Max Buzz into the port in the correct direction.


8)  Once the Max Buzz is plugged into the USB port correctly, the device will vibrate twice and a blinking battery icon will appear on the screen. This process should take about six seconds. Check the device for power.

power_check.jpg    awake.jpg

9)  Unplug your Max Buzz from the USB port, and the clock screen should display. Your device is now awake and ready to register! Put the device back together, and click the "It's together!" button. 


10)  Back to the mobile app, select which wrist you will be wearing your Max Buzz device on. This will assist with step data accuracy, and also determine which direction you will need to lift your Max Buzz to activate the screen.


11)  Secure the Max Buzz onto the wrist on which you will be wearing it. 


12)  Practice activating the device by rotating your wrist towards your body and lifting it up like you were checking the time. This motion will activate the screen (tapping on the device will not activate the screen, only change the screens once activated). 


13)  It's time to connect! Click on the "Search" button so your mobile device can search for the nearest unregistered Max Buzz. Again, please make sure that the Bluetooth setting on your mobile device is turned on, and Location Settings are turned on. 

click_connect.jpg   connecting.jpg

Note*: Place your Max Buzz as close to your mobile device as possible. Also, please make sure that you are not near any other people that are also trying to activate their Max Buzz device.

14)  If you are using an iOs device, a pop-up will display requiring Bluetooth access permission. Click on "Pair".

15)  Once your device is located, your Max Buzz will vibrate, and a 4-digit code will display on the screen. Enter that number on your VP mobile app.


Note*: Did you receive a "Too many Buzzes" or "No unregistered Buzzes found message?" Click the error you received for additional troubleshooting!

16)  You'll see a "Success" message on your Max Buzz screen, and your mobile app will have a pop-up confirming the connection. Want to move on to personalize your Max Buzz? Click on the "Device Settings" button. 


Since you're connected, check out the "How do I care for my Max Buzz?" article for some great tips to keep it clean!

If at any point during the steps above something goes wrong, click here for more specific troubleshooting. 


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