How do I track sleep on my Max Buzz?

Great news! The Max Buzz uses automatic sleep detection to track your sleep. No turning on or off tracking, all that you need to do is sleep!

Once you're done sleeping, sync your Max Buzz and your sleep will upload into your Virgin Pulse account!

Note*: Sleep will only display in your account after 6:00 AM. If you sync before 6:00 AM, make sure to sync again to view your sleep.

In order for the Max Buzz to capture your sleep, you must wear your Max Buzz during the entire sleep session. Your total time asleep must be greater than 2 hours in order for the sleep session to be considered validated.

You also must be sleeping for at least 2 hours between 6:00PM and 6:00AM in order for sleep to be captured. (Unfortunately, this device will not be ideal if you normally sleep during the daytime. Check out the Max or the Azumio Sleep Time app for sleep tracking options!)

Now all that you have to do is strap on your Max Buzz, and catch some Z's! 

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