My Max Buzz is not charging.

That's not good! Let's see what we can do. If your Max Buzz is not charging, please check the following things:

1)  Locate the end of the band with the USB symbol.


2)  Pull the band away from the device until it pops off, revealing the "USB" tab. Note*: If you see an "X" on the tab, it is the incorrect end of the Buzz device. 


3)  If you are using a computer, make sure that the computer/laptop is plugged in, powered on, and the screen is awake. If you are using a USB charger, confirm that it is plugged in. 

4)  Plug the device into the USB port. Make sure that you are plugging the Max Buzz into the port in the correct direction.


5)  Once the Max Buzz is plugged into the USB port correctly, the device will vibrate and a blinking battery icon will appear on the screen. Note*: If the device vibrates, and then switches to the clock screen, the device is not plugged in correctly. 


6)  If your device is still not charging, please try to use another USB port on the same computer, a USB port on another computer, or a different USB charger.

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