What are the screens on the Max Buzz?

Max Buzz is a sleek and splash-resistant (but not waterproof) daily activity tracker that tracks your steps, sleep, calories burned, distance traveled, and active minutes. Max Buzz also gives you notifications and applause. It's a fantastic way to earn rewards in the Virgin Pulse program!

To activate the screen of your Max Buzz, make a hand motion like you are checking the time. The device will activate and you can scroll through each screen with a tap of your finger on the display screen. So what are the main screens on the Max Buzz?

1)  Home/Clock - The home screen on the device displays the time, and your rechargeable battery life. The Max Buzz allows you to select how the time will display on the screen of your device, either in a 12 hour AM/PM format, or 24 hour format. 


2)  Steps - This screen shows how many steps you've taken for the day, and will update as you move. The counter resets at midnight (based on the time-zone selected in your VP account and VP app).


3)  Calories - This screen will display the activity tracked by your Max Buzz converted into calories burned! Your calories burned are calculated using your height, weight (adjustable in the VP app’s Settings screen), and speed of movement. 


4)  Distance - This screen will display your steps converted into distance traveled. The Max Buzz allows you to select the unit of measurement for your distance, either in miles or kilometers (adjustable in the Settings). 


5)  Active Minutes - The Active Minutes screen will begin to display once you have earned an active minute (by taking more than 135 steps in one minute). This amount will update as you move and earn. 


A few things to note - all activity screens will reset at midnight, but don't worry, your steps are not lost! They are stored in the memory of the device. Make sure to sync at least once every two weeks because only 14 days worth of data is stored in the Max Buzz.

Also, there is no separate sleep screen on the Max Buzz. The device tracks your sleep automatically each night when you wear it to bed. You can view your sleep data in your Virgin Pulse account when you sync Max Buzz the next morning

Note*: Sleep will display in your account after 6:00 AM. 

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