Track Your Healthy Habits on the Homepage

Track Your Healthy Habits on the Homepage

You can now track your Healthy Habits right on your homepage! Once you’re done reading through your cards for the day you’ll be prompted to track your Healthy Habits. Click the button and each of your live trackers will appear where your cards once were. If you want to pull your trackers up before you read your cards, simply click on the Healthy Habit circle in the left navigation. You’ll be able to track your Yes/No Healthy Habits right on the homepage. Any other trackers will drive you back to the Healthy Habits page to complete. Happy tracking!


Convert Your Activity to Steps

The Healthy Habits Workout Tracker has been updated. Now you can enter workouts that don’t normally get tracked with an activity device – yoga, swimming, biking, etc. Choose your exercise, enter how many minutes you worked out and if it matches one of our 60+ convertible activities it will be converted into steps. Keep in mind, this is non-validated data and does not convert to validated activity rewards.


Even More Healthy Habit Trackers Available

There are a few more Healthy Habit trackers available that will help you improve productivity and put new skills into practice! Be sure to download or update the Virgin Pulse mobile app today and get tracking.

Being Productive

  • Go for Goal: Did you take steps towards achieving your goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) today?
  • Time Out: Did you stay safe and refreshed by taking regular breaks throughout the day?
  • Good Posture: Did you protect your back with correct posture today (e.g., using your legs to lift, not your back)?

Learning New Things

  • In Action: Did you apply a new skill or learning at work today?

Be sure to download or update the Virgin Pulse mobile app today and get tracking.

Track Your Weight on Mobile

You can now track your weight on the Virgin Pulse mobile app! Simply open your app, click on the Stats tab, and then on the blue plus sign in the bottom right corner. You will be given a few options, one of which is Add Weight. This will allow you to manually enter your weight (including decimals) into the program. Once complete scroll down to the My Weight widget for a graph of your progress.


Steps Stats Chart Update

Your My Steps widget on the homepage and Stats page on web and mobile now default to showing your highest validated step sources for each day. You can still change the view, via the dropdown, to see steps for each individual step source.


Sync Your Samsung Gear Steps

You asked for it and we listened. Samsung users will now be able to sync their steps from all Samsung Gear devices through SHealth, including: Gear Fit, Gear Fit2, Gear S, Gear S2, Gear S3. Be sure SHealth is enabled on your phone for your Gear device. Then connect SHealth to your Virgin Pulse account, grab your Gear and get moving!

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