What are the setting options for the Max Buzz?

The Max Buzz device is a sleek, water-resistant daily activity tracker that tracks your steps, active minutes, calories burned, distance traveled, and your sleep! Did you know that it also gives you notifications and applause?! 

Once you've paired your Max Buzz, you'll be able to access the "Max Buzz Settings", where you can select additional ways to use your device for notifications and customize the screen display.


The setting options for the Max Buzz include:

  • 24-Hour Clock - This allows you to select how the time will display on the screen of your device, either in a 12 hour AM/PM format, or 24 hour format.
  • Wearing Mode - This is where you select where you will be wearing your Max Buzz. The Buzz's screen is dimmed when not in use, and will "wake up" automatically when you lift your wrist that the Max Buzz is worn on, and turn it towards your body.
  • Phone & SMS Alerts - This controls if you will receive notifications on your Max Buzz when you receive an incoming phone call or SMS message. Your Max Buzz will vibrate, and the name or number of your contact will display on the screen. If it is an SMS message, the first line of your message will also scroll across the screen.
  • Alarms - This is where you can set alarm notifications! Once set, your Max Buzz will vibrate at the selected time. You can add up to six alarms, and set them to repeat on certain days of the week. 
  • Night Mode - This controls whether your Max Buzz will be set to "night mode", which dims the screen on your Max Buzz during certain hours (like when you are sleeping). When this is turned on, if the Max Buzz screen is activated by motion while you are sleeping, the screen will be much dimmer so as not to disturb you. You can also select your "night mode" hours. 
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