What is a Firmware Update?

A firmware update is an update to the software that powers Max Buzz. Periodically, we will be adding new features and functionality to Max Buzz. In order to update your Max Buzz without requiring you to purchase a whole new device, we will push out a firmware update. 

You'll receive a notification in your Virgin Pulse mobile application when a firmware update is available.

You'll need to initiate the firmware update for it to begin. This update should not take more than five minutes. If it takes longer than five minutes, please close the app, reopen the app, and initiate the firmware update again. 

Once completed, the Max Buzz and software will then complete one more sync. Once that is complete, your Max Buzz is updated and you are all set!

For more information on a Firmware Update, check out the "How do I perform a Firmware Update?" article.

Note*: Please do not log out of the app during the firmware update process. 

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