How do I disconnect the Max Buzz from my Virgin Pulse account?

You sure can disconnect it from your account! Before you begin, please note that only one Virgin Pulse Max Buzz can be registered to one member at a time. It cannot be transferred to a new account until the original owner disconnects it from their Virgin Pulse account by following the steps below.

Once you have disconnected your Virgin Pulse Max Buzz from your account, it can be registered to a new account. 

Note*: This is the process to disconnect a Max Buzz only, not a Max or GoZone (click here for those details!)

1)  Open the Virgin Pulse mobile application on your mobile device. 

2)  Click on the icon of three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the Home screen. 

3)  In the left margin that appears, click on "Devices & Apps".


4)  Under the "My Connected Devices & Apps" section, click on "Virgin Pulse Max Buzz".


5)  Click on the "Disconnect" button.


6)  In the pop-up that appears, click on "Disconnect".


7)  If you are an Android user, your Max Buzz is disconnected and you're good to go! If you are an iOS user, you will see an additional pop-up and have just a few more steps to get your Max Buzz totally disconnected.


8)  Navigate to "Settings" on your iOS device. Click on "Bluetooth". 


9)  In Bluetooth settings, click on the "i" icon next to "Max Buzz".


10)  On the next screen, click on "Forget This Device".


11)  In the pop-up that appears, click on "Forget Device".


12)  You'll be redirected back to the Settings page, and your Max Buzz will be officially disconnected!

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