How do I earn the "Validated Measurements" reward?

Please note, that the "Validated Measurements" reward must be offered by your sponsor in order for you to be able to earn it. Check out your "How to Earn" page or the "My Rewards" page on Virgin Pulse member website to see if the "Validated Measurements" reward is available to your sponsor, and see other rewards available for measurements!

In order to earn the "Validated Measurements" reward each month, you must have a completed weight or blood pressure measurement at a Virgin Pulse Health Station. Once you have taken your weight or blood pressure using a Health Station, and saved the measurement, you will receive the Points for a "Validated Measurement". 

If your sponsor does not offer access to Health Stations, you can earn the "Self Entered Measurements" reward for entering your weight in the "Track Your Weight" Healthy Habits tracker, or entering you blood pressure measurements on the "Stats" page in your Virgin Pulse member website.

For instructions on how to self enter your measurements, please click here

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