How do I self enter my steps?

You can self enter your steps into your Virgin Pulse member account at any time using the Healthy Habits tracker. Please note, the ability to use Healthy Habits trackers must be offered by your sponsor.

Note*: Self entered steps are not validated, and you will only earn the associated 10 Points for tracking a Healthy Habit. If you'd like to add validated steps that you may have missed by forgetting to wear your device, you can do so using the "Missing Steps?" function. Click here for more information.

To manually add your steps, complete the following:

1)  Log into your account on the Virgin Pulse member website.

2)  Hover over “Tracking” in the top-navigation menu. In the drop-down menu that appears, select “Healthy Habits”.

3)  Scroll down and locate the "My Steps" Healthy Habits tracker. (Don't see it? Check out the "How do I add a new Healthy Habits tracker to my dashboard?" article to learn how to add it!)

4) If you'd like to self enter steps for the past 14 days, at the top of the Healthy Habits page use the arrows around the date to navigate back through the dates.

5)  The date that you have selected will be the furthest to the right. In the "Number of steps?" entry box, enter the number of steps that you would like to enter for the selected date. 

6)  Click the "Track It!" button.


7)  Your self entered steps have been added!


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