How do I complete my Daily Cards using the Virgin Pulse mobile app?

Your Daily Cards will show you personalized content based on the interests you selected on your Virgin Pulse account. You'll get two new cards each day with new content. Completion of each card is worth 20 Points each (up to 40 Points per day!).

To complete your Daily Cards on the mobile app, complete the following steps:

1)  Open the Virgin Pulse mobile application on your device.

2)  On the home screen, you'll see a section for "Daily Cards", below the "Activity" section.

You'll be able to see how many Daily Cards you have completed so far for the current day (with the little circle icon with a number inside). If you've already completed your Daily Cards for the day, you'll see a green checkmark!


3)  Click on the "Daily Cards" section. You'll automatically be shown your first Daily Card.


Note*: You cannot complete cards for a past date.

4)  Once you've read it, click on "Got It!" to complete.


5)  You'll then be shown your next Daily Card. Click "Got It!" to complete it.

6)  To return to the home screen, click on the "X" icon in the top left corner. 


7)  Since you've completed both of your cards, there will be a green checkmark next to "Daily Cards". Make sure to check back each day to complete your cards and receive up to 40 Points!

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