What if I am using multiple devices?

You can wear or use more than one device or application to track your activity. If you are wearing more than one device to capture the same kind of data (i.e. steps), you will only be credited for the data uploaded by one of those devices.

For example, if you are wearing both a Virgin Pulse Max and a Fitbit device and record 7,000 steps with both, you would only be credited for 7,000 rather than the 14,000 steps recorded with both of your devices.

If offered by your sponsor, points will be awarded for whichever device recorded a greater amount.

However, steps from both devices will appear in your “Stats” page, located under the “Tracking” tab in the top navigation menu, and on the home page. If you want to check steps from different device, you must change the source at the drop-down menu within the chart.

Note*: One cannot connect more than one device of the same kind to their Virgin Pulse member account (for example, two Max Buzzes), but one is able to connect different types of devices to their account (for example, a Max and a Max Buzz). This being said, please take note that the GoZone device and the Max device are considered to be of the same kind, so you will not be able to connect both a GoZone and a Max to your account, but any other combination will work.

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