September 2015

We are pleased to announce that our platform is now compatible with the new Microsoft Windows 10!

Sleep tracking

  1. Added the Sleep Guide to the menu (when sleep feature available).


  1. We’ve made some major changes to Healthy Habits tracking. Users are now able to track sleep through the healthy habits in conjunction with the sleep guide (when sleep feature available), with support of multiple devices.


Website Improvements

  • Changed the coloring of a 'No' entry on the Yes/No Healthy Habits trackers from Red to a Grey gradient.
  • Modified language in pop up box to emphasize that it is not possible to join a challenge once a member has left a team. 
  • When joining a personal challenge that has already started, the user will now be notified with: "Pulling your data, hang on a sec", as a warning that it could take some time before their data is fully loaded into the leaderboard.


iOS Updates

  1. - Integrated Apple watch steps.
  2. - New design for: Program Details, Navigation Home screen, App Settings Menu Item, Max Settings Menu Item.
  3. - Implemented new Healthy Habits tracking.




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