How do I register my Max using the Virgin Pulse mobile app?

If you don't have access to a PC or Mac computer with the Sync software installed to register your Max, you can also do so using the Virgin Pulse mobile application! 

To register a Max to your Virgin Pulse member account, complete the following steps:

1)  Open the Virgin Pulse mobile application. 

Note*: If you are logging into the app for the first time, you'll be asked if you have a Max. Click "Yes" and skip to Step #5 below in these instructions).

2)  Click on the icon of three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the Home screen.

3)  In the left margin of the screen, click on "Max Settings".

4)  If you haven't previously connected a Max via the mobile application, you will see "Connect MAX Device". Click on the "+" icon.

If you are registering a different Max device to your account, you will see "Replace MAX Device". Click on the "+" icon.

5)  The screen will prompt you to navigate to the "Sync" screen on your Max device. Confirm that Bluetooth has been enabled on your device, and then push the button on the side of the Max until you reach this screen. After one second, the mobile application will sense the Max and begin to initiate a sync.

6)  Your Max and the Virgin Pulse mobile application will begin a sync process. The app will then detect that it's a new Max.

7)  On the "Register Max" screen, click on the "Register to My Account" button.

Note*: If the Max that you are trying to connect to your account is connected to another Virgin Pulse member, you will not be able to register it to your account. 

8)  If Virgin Pulse does not yet have this information, you may be required to enter your Height and Weight information on the screen.

9)  Once registered, the mobile application will initiate another sync process.

10)  Once completed, your Max will display "Sync Complete!" and you will be brought the the home screen of the mobile application. Your Max is successfully registered to your account!

11)  Press the button on the side of your Max to navigate away from the Sync screen. You'll see a message that your device has been activated!


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