How do I log into the Virgin Pulse mobile application?

1)  Download the Virgin Pulse mobile application onto a supported device. (Not sure how to download? Check out the "How do I download the Virgin Pulse mobile application?" article!)

2)  Open the Virgin Pulse mobile application.

3)  Enter your Virgin Pulse email address associated to your Virgin Pulse member account in the 'Email or Username' field.


4)  Enter your Virgin Pulse member account password into the 'Password' field. (Forgot your password? No problem! Click on 'Forgot Password?' in the bottom right corner below the 'Sign In' button to initiate the forgotten password process.)

5)  Click the 'Sign In' button, and you'll be logged into the Virgin Pulse mobile application!

Note*: Once you have logged in, you will remain logged in until you physically log out. If you are logged in and close the mobile app, the next time that you open the app, you will still be logged in. We suggest not logging out each time, unless you need to refresh information.

6)  Upon each login, Virgin Pulse will identify if you already have a Max or Max Buzz connected to your account, or if you do not, it will prompt you to connect your Max or Max Buzz device (it does not have to be a different Max or Max Buzz device, it is just to maintain data accuracy). If you'd like to continue without connecting your Max or Max Buzz, or if you do not have a Max or Max Buzz, click "No". Otherwise, click "Yes".

7)  Follow the on-screen prompts to sync your device! 

8)  If this is your first time logging in using the iOS version on an iPhone, you may be prompted to allow step data to be tracked using your iPhone. If you'd like to allow the mobile app to track your steps (convenient when you don't have your Max or other tracker!), click the circle icons next to "Steps" and click "Done" in the top right corner.

9)  Once you've connected, you'll be directed to the home screen. Enjoy using the Virgin Pulse mobile application!

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