What is a Firmware Update?

A firmware update is an update to the software that powers Max. Periodically, we will be adding new features and functionality to Max. In order to update your Max without requiring you to purchase a whole new device, we will push out a firmware update. 

It will happen automatically when you sync your Max device using the Sync software. Upon initiating a sync and detecting a new firmware, you'll receive a notification screen on the Max that the firmware update is required and commenced. This update should not take more than one minute. Please do not remove your Max device from the USB cord during the firmware update process. If it takes longer than one minute, please disconnect the Max from the USB port, confirm that you are connected to the Internet, and plug the device into the USB port again. 

Once completed, the Max and software will then complete one more sync. Once that is complete, your Max is updated and you are all set! For more information, check out the "How do I perform a Firmware Update?" article.

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