My Max is not counting my steps.

If the Max is not counting steps at all, the memory in the device may be full. Once the memory is full, the device will stop counting steps, as there is no room for storage. Upload your activity using the Sync software ( How do I download the Sync Software on my computer? ), or wirelessly using the Virgin Pulse mobile application, and your Max will begin counting your steps again.

If you upload your Max device successfully, and it still does not count your steps when you are moving, replace the battery in your Max with a brand new CR-2032 battery. Follow the instructions here: "How do I replace the battery in Max?

If your device still appears to be malfunctioning it may be in need of a Firmware update:

  1. Confirm that the you have the most up to date sync software installed on your computer. 
  2. Remove the battery from the Max pedometer, a coin works best to unlock the battery door.
  3. Plug in the device without the battery. The computer should say “Just a sec we are making a few updates.”
  4. If it does not say this, unplug the device and start holding down the button on the side of the Max and plug it back into the computer while holding the button down for approximately 10 seconds. 
  5. The computer will say the “Just a sec” message approximately 3 times and then the pedometer will say ‘sync complete’ when the update completes properly.
  6. Unplug the device and put the battery back in, it will prompt to sync the device one more time.
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