How do I activate my GoZone?

Welcome to the Virgin Pulse program! Let's get your GoZone device synced up!

1)  Download the Sync software by logging into your Virgin Pulse account and navigating to the Download Software page (you can get there by clicking here!). Choose your device and operating system, then follow the on-screen installation instructions.

2)  Once the software has been installed, log out of your Virgin Pulse account.

3)  Activate the battery in your device by removing the red tab from the side of the GoZone. Five zeros will be displayed on the screen.

4)  Plug the larger end of the USB cable (included in the packaging with your GoZone) into one of the USB ports on your computer. Plug the smaller end of the USB cable into your GoZone.

5)  Once both ends of the USB cable are plugged in, the software will launch a message that says, "Congratulations! Your GoZone is now ready to be registered".

Note*: If the software does not respond after about 30 seconds, please try switching the USB cable to a different port on the computer.

6)  Click on the "OK" button, and the Sync software will bring up the page to log into your Virgin Pulse member account. Log into your account, and then click on "Continue".

7)  Do not unplug your GoZone until you see the message "All Done". Once you see this message, you can unplug your GoZone, clip it on, and start stepping!

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