How do I replace the battery in the GoZone?

If you have received a low battery alert on the display of your GoZone ("BATT" will appear below the numbers), or if you receive a low battery message when uploading, please replace the battery as soon as you can. The battery life expectancy for an active user is 5 to 6 months. 

1)  Upload your GoZone device using the USB cord and a computer with the Sync software, prior to removing the battery. When a battery is removed, any steps remaining in the GoZone's memory will be lost.

2)  The GoZone uses a coin cell CR-2032 battery (typical watch battery). These can be purchased through the Virgin Pulse store on the member website, or they are available at a variety of retail stores and pharmacies in your neighborhood. 


3)  Remove the battery door from the GoZone. You can do this by inserting a coin into the slot on the battery door and turning counter-clockwise. Turn the device over to make the battery door fall off.

4)  Gently wedge a paperclip, or similar object under the battery to pop it out of the device. 

5)  Insert the new battery, positive (+) side up and without any plastic wrapping, into the device.

6)  Replace the battery door onto the GoZone, and use the coin to turn clockwise and secure the battery door into place.

7)  Perform another upload with your GoZone device to ensure data accuracy, and you're on your way! 

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