How do I create a Step Challenge?

To create a personal challenge based on the most steps, complete the following:

1)  Click on the “Challenges” option in the top navigation menu.

2)  On the Challenge Dashboard, click the “Create Challenge” button. 

3)  The "Create a Challenge" pop-up will appear. Select one of the challenge options by clicking on the button.

4)  A pop-up will appear with the Challenge Name and Challenge Description. You can choose to update the Challenge Name and/or Challenge Description, or leave the default content. You cannot change the start date or end date.

5)  Click the “Start It Up!” button to create the personal challenge.

6)  You'll be re-directed to the Challenge Rankings page for your challenge. You will be the only one in your challenge. You can leave it this way, or invite others to your challenge.

7)  To invite other people within your sponsor to your challenge, click on the "Invite Players" button. 

8)  The "Invite Players to Your Challenge" pop-up will appear. Your Friends will display alphabetically by first name. To invite someone to your challenge, click on the "Invite" button next to their name. If you are not friends with someone, you can search for them by name using the "Find Colleagues" tab.

A few more important things to know about your personal challenge:

  • All challenges start at 12:00AM and end at 11:59PM per the member’s timezone. All members will have an equal amount of time to participate.
  • Once the challenge ends you will have 24 hours to upload your steps to have them included in the scoring.
  • If you use multiple devices to track your steps, the steps from the device with the highest amount of steps will count towards the challenge.
  • All members in the challenge will have access to view all step totals for the challenge.
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