What is a Nutrition Profile?

The Virgin Pulse Nutrition Guide provides a personalized approach to nutrition and weight management. In order to access the Nutrition Guide, you'll first need to select a Nutrition Profile, which is a scientifically-based eating style that best fits your current eating habits. Please note that the Nutrition Guide must be offered by your sponsor in order for you to be able to access it and select a Nutrition Profile.

Based on your Nutrition Profile selection, you'll receive a guided path to focus on simple, easy-to-adopt daily habits. These habits build to become part of your every day behavior, and will help you reach your personal goals, while having more energy, focus, and drive in all aspects of life.

1)  To get started, you'll choose one of the following Nutrition Profiles:

  • Healthy & Optimal: Eat healthy foods, in the right portions and proportions
  • Calorie Drinker: Drink calories in the form of alcohol, juice, or sweetened beverages such as soft drinks
  • All-American Diet: Eat standard American diet of meats, fried foods, refined grains, and desserts
  • Sweet Tooth: Overindulge in the sweet stuff like baked goods, desserts and sweetened beverages
  • Whatever's Easy: Eat for convenience: fast food, pizza, take-out, and pre-packaged meals
  • Too Much Good Stuff: Eat mostly healthy, but often eat too much

2)  Once you've selected a profile, the lower section of the page will populate with suggested goals to help you improve your eating habits and reach your personal goals. You'll also have three suggested "Healthy Habits" trackers that you can add as trackers to your Healthy Habits page.

Note*: You can select any and as many of the profiles above to see more details below before saving your selection.

3)  Once you've selected your profile, click on the "Start My Guide" button to be directed to your Nutrition Guide!

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