What is Zipongo?

Zipongo makes it easy to eat well by providing personalized recipes, grocery discounts, and nutrition guidance tailored to your specific food preferences, needs and goals.

You can access Zipongo through your Nutrition Guide on Virgin Pulse, and use their website to:

  • Browse healthy meals by course
  • Browse healthy meals by diet restrictions, such as Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Paleo
  • Filter healthy recipes by dietary restrictions
  • Create a shopping list based on Meal Planners
  • View Deals at local grocery stores
  • Plan meals for the day and week

Your Nutrition Guide will display a featured recipe based on the nutrition goals for your selected Nutrition Profile (such as high in fiber or protein, or low in saturated fat). 

To access Zipongo, click on the "Get This Recipe!" button in this section. Since you are logged into your Virgin Pulse account, an account with Zipongo will automatically be created for you when you access it through Virgin Pulse. Feel free to explore all of the great deals and recipes!

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