How do I complete my Daily Cards?

Please note, the ability to complete Daily Cards must be offered by your sponsor in order for you to be able to access them. Check out your "How To Earn" page or "My Rewards" page on your member website to learn about your earning opportunities!

Your Daily Cards will show you personalized content to learn and explore that is driven by what you've selected as your goals and interests in "My Interests". (Haven't set your Interests yet? Click here for step-by-step instructions!). You'll get two new cards each day with new content. Completion of each card is worth 20 Points each (up to 40 Points per day!). *Note: rewards associated to daily cards completion may be different, depending on your sponsor's program set-up

To complete your Daily Cards:

1)  Log into your account on the Virgin Pulse member website.

2)  Your two Daily Cards will be displayed on your home page over your cover photo. Click on the "Daily Cards" icon in the top left corner below the logo.

3) Click on the arrow icons to the left or right of the cards to scroll between them. 

4)  Once you've read the content on your card, click on the "Got It!" button to complete.

Note*: If you enjoy the content on this card, you also can click the thumbs up icon to let us know!

5)  Click on the right arrow icon to move to the next card.

6)  Once you've completed both of your Daily Cards, the home page will display both cards as completed with green checkmarks. You can revisit the content of these cards at any time during the current day by clicking on the card!

Note*: Your daily cards are only available for 24 hours and will switch at the end of every day. Unfortunately, we are unable to retrieve the content of your past cards, as it is unique to each member and randomized based on your selected "Interests".

7)  Make sure to check back each day to complete your cards and receive up to 40 Points!

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