How do I change my email address?

1)  You can update your email address by logging into the Virgin Pulse member website, and hovering over the “Profile section” with your picture in the top, right-hand corner.

2)  In the drop-down menu that appears, select “My Profile”.

3)  On your “My Profile” page, scroll to the bottom to the “Account Settings” section, and click “Edit”.

4)  In the “Email" section, enter the new email address that you would like associated to your Virgin Pulse account. The email address must be unique within our system (another member cannot have the same email address), and it must be a valid email address.

5)  Click the “Done” button, and changes will be applied immediately.

6)  Once you've changed it in your profile, please reach out to a Member Services representative via chat or phone to confirm that the email address is updated on our end as well. 

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