How do I connect to Polar?

Polar Heart Rate Monitors are a great way to track your session-based activity in the Virgin Pulse program! 

1)  Make sure that you have created an account with Polar at

2)  Log into your account on the Virgin Pulse member website.

3)  Log into your account on the website.

4)  On the Polar home screen, locate the “Product in use” section in the top left corner, and click on the “Add a new product” link to add your Polar device.

5)  On the next screen, click “ Register New Product”.

6)  On the next screen, select the "Model" of the Polar device that you are registering from the drop-down menu. In the "Serial number" section, enter the serial number of the device, which can be found on the back cover of the product (for most devices).

7)  Click the “Save” button.

8)  In the top right section, hover over your profile name and select “Partners”.


9)  Click “Add a New Partner”.

10)  In the “Your Partner” drop-down menu, select “Virgin Pulse”.

11)  Enter your Virgin Pulse username and password.

12)  Click the checkbox next to "I accept that my data will be sent to Virgin Pulse" to agree to send data to Virgin Pulse.

13)  Click the “Register” button. 

14)  You're connected! Since you connected from Polar's side, you will not be re-directed into your Virgin Pulse member website. Also, there will be no icon indicating a connection on the Polar section of the "Devices & Apps" page, even though you are connected.

15)  Once your Polar account is linked to your Virgin Pulse account, you can manually sync your Polar data as often as you’d like. You'll need to upload all of your Polar activity using the Polar software. Upon uploading, Polar will send data to your Virgin Pulse account. You'll receive rewards for your workout duration (if you have not already reached the maximum amount of activity points that day).

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