August 2015


NEW Friends Functionality:

Virgin Pulse now allows you to add friends from your organization who are also members to join you on your road to well-being! This new feature can be found under My Friends in the Community tab. Here, you can search for people to invite to your network and find invitations from friends who have added you. Add up to 250 friends to share your journey! Look for friend requests and notifications on the icon to the right of your levels graph. Go ahead, add some buddies!

Friends Leaderboard:

Once your friends have joined your network, let the step challenge begin! What better way to motivate everyone to be active than a bit of friendly competition. You’ll see a snapshot of your Friends Leaderboard on the homepage, which shows how many steps everyone has taken in the last seven days and where you stand. Click “See the Full Leaderboard” to view steps from all of your friends. Now get out there and make some new friends – you’ll even get a bonus for the first five.

Challenge Your Friends:

Now that you have some friends, challenge them to a steps challenge. Whoever gets the most steps wins! Play for a day, over the weekend, or stretch it over the five day work week. Real-time rankings on the Leaderboard will keep everybody motivated. Check out all of your available challenges on the Challenge Dashboard. Go head to-head and have some fun!

Customize Your Profile:

You can now customize your profile to reflect the better you! Start with the facts (title, department, location) that can be seen by everyone in your organization. Then have a little fun with some other questions, like your superpower of choice, favorite food, dream travel destination, and set a goal for all your friends to see. Your personal goal and account information are for your eyes only. Customize your profile now!

Membership Agreement & Privacy Policy:

Since we added all of these great new friend features, we've updated our membership agreement and privacy policy. To recap, if you are “Friends” with a member, that member will have access to some of your information, including certain portions of your profile, the number of steps you have taken in a challenge and activity data related to your participation in the program. Please note that Virgin Pulse staff may also have access to your personal information so they may contact you regarding your participation in the Program. You can find both the privacy policy and membership agreement at the bottom of every page on the member site.

Apple Watch, Aria Scale & Fitbit:

Have an Apple Watch? You can now earn points for using it to track your activity! Configure your Apple Watch connection through the Virgin Pulse app on your iPhone. (This will be available on or around August 24th)

If you have an Aria scale, you can connect that to your Fitbit account and your weight will be synced to your Virgin Pulse account as a validated measurement. We're glad to offer more options that allow our members to live better everyday!

Have a Fitbit? You can now sync calories burned and active minutes to your account in addition to steps and sleep. 

Sleep tracking:

    1. Sleep will now take your longest session instead of most recent (in the case of multiple sessions in one night).
    2. Created three new device driven (Ex: Max, Fitbit, Misfit) Sleep trophies (sleep tracking 10 days in a month, sleep tracking 20 days in a month, Sleep more than 7 hours 20 days in a month); (when sleep feature available).

Website improvements

      1. Fixed a problem where we weren't always rewarding for both daily cards.
      2. Brought back the Cash Balance bubble in the game drawer.

      1. Finalized functionality and appearance of the Profile notification reminder.

      1. Created new field in Suggested Friends that displays the number of Friends you have in common with each suggestion (when friends feature available).

      1. Added the 49,000 step pacer entry to the full 7-Day Challenge leaderboard.
      2. Updated the alternate Featured Challenge banner that appears on the landing page when the 7-Day leaderboard is also active.
      3. Fixed a bug for Mobile that previously caused Healthy Habits tracking issues.
      4. Fixed two issues related to the celebration display when adding new Friends.
      5. Fixed bug for members not being rewarded for "Choose your eating type".

Android Updates:

    1. Disabled device tracking for Motorola due to billions of steps issue.
    2. Adjusted accelerometer step tracking for S5/S6 devices.
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