July 2015

Virgin Pulse Mobile App Keeps Getting Better:

You can now track and get rewarded for your steps right from your Android phone 4.4 or higher or iPhone 5S or higher!

Just download the latest app version (Android 3.0.42 and iOS 3.0.64). Then simply turn on motion activity when prompted (or under the Virgin Pulse app settings) and the steps will display in the app and on the member website. Your phone will then begin counting your steps with its native step-tracking capabilities. Pretty cool, right?

You can also view your monthly statement on the mobile app to see your rewards balance and all of your completed well-being activities.

Apple HealthKit:

You can now sync your steps from your Virgin Pulse account to the Apple HealthKit on iOS 8 phones. Just go to settings app, privacy, health, and allow Virgin Pulse to write data.

Apple Watch:

Have the new Apple Watch? Use it to remind you to do your daily cards and earn rewards! Don’t need the reminders? Just go to my watch app and turn off notifications.

Calories Burned:

Now, track your calories burned and calories consumed on the My Stats page.

Android Updates:

    1. Added New Daily Card UI

  1. Added New Daily Card completion action.
  2. Added Automatic Android Device step posting every hour.
  3. Fixed accuracy issues with the device step tracker.
  4. Fixed numerous bugs related to step tracker edge cases, Healthy Habit tracking, and issues related to UI design.
  5. Added What’s New Screen.
  6. Added Monthly Statements for Virgin Pulse 2.0 platform users.

iOS Updates:

    1. Design updates to Healthy Habits screen along with transition animations.

  1. New designs and animation for Daily Cards Screen.

Website Improvements:

    1. Released fix to correct formatting issues on certain browsers.
    2. Released fix to correct MyfitnessPal tile animation on IE9.
    3. Completed overhaul of the Profile page! More personalization! Your Connected Devices! Your Well-Being Goal! Customize it all for a more engaging view!
    4. Created a 'Your Friend' view of a member's profile, allowing you to see a more detailed and fun view of the information your friend has added to the public section of their profile. (When friends feature available)
    5. Built a reminder button that appears on the Profile menu to drive members who have never visited that page to go to that page.
    6. Created a Progress Bar for the Profile page. Each completed section of your profile accounts for 25% progress on the bar.
    7. Fixed a bug where "first time connecting a device" trigger did not get the corresponding level trophy when making the crossover to the next level.
    8. Created a Friends email invite: Send a Friends request, that person gets an email alerting them!*
    9. Created a Friends Notification: Accept a Friend request, and a notification informing you that you're now friends with "Member Name" is generated.*
    10. Enabled Personal challenges.*

  1. Activated Personal challenges emails and notifications.*

*(When feature available)


When viewing a Challenge Leaderboard, the initial view now focuses on your position in the rankings. So, if you're ranked on the fourth page of challenge participants, your initial view of the leaderboard will start on the fourth page.

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