What type of Personal Challenge can I create?

There are two types of personal challenges that members will have the ability to create and challenge their Friends! Members can create a Step Challenge or a Healthy Habit Challenge


For Step Challenges, you can challenge your Friends to see who gets the most steps using one of the three pre-set challenge types.

  • Weekend Rumble – runs Saturday and Sunday of the upcoming weekend
  • 1 Day Throwdown – runs for 24 hours on the next day
  • Weekday Step-Off – runs Monday through Friday starting on the next Monday

For Healthy Habit Challenges, you can challenge your Friends using any of the "Yes/No" Healthy Habit trackers available.  

A few more important things to note about personal challenges:

  • All challenges start at 12:00AM and end at 11:59PM per the member’s timezone. All members will have an equal amount of time to participate.
  • Once the challenge ends, you will have 24 hours to upload your steps to have them included in the scoring.
  • If you use multiple devices to track your steps, the steps from the device with the highest amount of steps will count towards the challenge.
  • All members in the challenge will have access to view all step totals for the challenge.
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