The time on my Max is wrong.

The time on your Max displays according to the timezone that you have set on your Virgin Pulse member account.

In order to resolve your issue, please try the following steps.

1)  Confirm that you have registered the Max device that you are using to your Virgin Pulse account (you would have had to enter your Virgin Pulse username and password on the member website or mobile application when uploading the device). If you began using the device right out of the package without registering it, the clock will display the system factory time, which most likely does not match your timezone. (If you haven't registered, check out the "How do I activate my Max?" article.)

2)  Check the timezone in your Virgin Pulse member account. When logged into the member website, hover over your profile picture icon in the right corner of the top navigation menu.

3)  In the drop-down menu that appears, select "My Profile".

4)  On the Profile page, scroll down to the bottom and locate the "Account Settings" section.

5)  Confirm that the "Timezone Preference" is your current timezone. (It's not? Click on the "Edit" button, select the correct timezone, and click "Done.)

6)  Upload your Max device using a computer with the Sync software running and the USB cord. (You can sync using the mobile application, too; however, we recommend using a computer when updating your device.) The sync will apply the updated timezone settings to your Max device.

7)  Once your sync is completed, press the button on the side of your Max to navigate to the Clock & Steps screen. The time on your device should be correct.

Would you like to update the format in which you see your clock, and other Max settings? Check out the My Device Settings page in the member website!

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