How to perform a Firmware Update

For the most recent version of the firmware, you must connect your Max device to a computer running the Sync software.

1)  Make sure that the Sync software is downloaded and running on your machine. You will see the blue "P" icon in your taskbar. You will want to ensure that you have the latest version of the sync software installed on your computer. In order to do this, hover your cursor over the blue "P" icon and confirm that the version is 3.0.21. 

2) Remove the battery from your Max device (you can open the battery door with a coin and pop out the battery) prior to plugging in the Max. 

3)  Insert the small end of the micro-USB cord into the bottom of the Max. Make sure that it is pushed all the way in. Insert the large end of the micro-USB cord into an open USB port on your machine (on the sides or in the back). Make sure that it is inserted correctly, and pushed all the way in.

4)  The Sync software should launch, and you will see a pop-up on your screen that the Virgin Pulse Sync is running.

5)  The screen on the Max will change from "Sync" to say "Firmware Update - Please Do Not Unplug".

6)  The screen on the computer will change to say "Just a sec...We're making a few updates."

7) If it does not say this, unplug the Max device and start holding down the button on the side of the Max and plug it back into the computer while holding the button down for approximately 10 seconds. *If you have not restarted your computer recently, you will want to do this. 

8) The computer will say the “Just a sec, we are making a few updates” message approximately 3 times and then the pedometer will say ‘sync complete’ when the update completes properly.

9)  Once the update is complete, the screen on the Max will change back to "Sync", and the screen on the computer will change to "Hello! We're uploading your steps right now".

10)  Once the firmware update and sync are complete, you will receive a "Sync Completed!" screen on your Max, and a "Nice Job! Your steps have been uploaded" screen on your computer.

11)  The completion of this process means that the device's firmware has been updated. Please unplug your Max, put the battery back in and push the button on the side of the device to move through the screens.

12)  If the screen on your Max says "Update Failed - Resync Firmware" OR the time is incorrect, please sync your Max device again by plugging it into the computer, which will resolve the issue. 


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