Why doesn't the Max count all of my steps?

The Max device has accelerometer-based technology, which means that there may be a slight delay before the display shows an increase in step count.  This happens while the accelerometer determines if the activity is continuous.  Slight movements -  or a few steps here or there - may not always be counted.  Your Max is meant to track sustained activity, which is the best kind of activity for your health!

Here's a good test to check if your pedometer is picking up your sustained activity correctly:

1)  Note the number of steps that you currently have on your device and write it down.

2)  Put the device in a pocket or clipped to your waistband.

3)  Walk 100 steps.

4)  Check the step count.

5)  If the display shows a number that is between 95 and 105 greater than your starting number, you're good to go!

If the Max is not counting steps at all, the memory in the device may be full. Upload your activity using the Sync software, or wirelessly using the Virgin Pulse mobile application, and your Max will begin counting your steps again.

Concerned about getting the Max to detect steps when you're going about your day? Check out "Where should I wear my Max?

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