My GoZone is not counting my steps.

If the GoZone is not counting steps at all, the memory in the device may be full. The GoZone can generally hold approximately up to two weeks worth of steps, around 10-14 days.  Once the memory becomes 75% full, the GoZone will stop accumulating steps taken until you upload the device and release the memory.

If you see "MEM" on your GoZone display screen, it means that your memory is full, and you need to upload as soon as possible.

Upload your activity using the Sync software, and your GoZone will begin counting your steps again.


If you upload your GoZone device successfully, and it still does not count your steps when you are moving, try to remove and re-insert the battery. Follow the instructions in the "How do I replace the battery in the GoZone?" on how to remove and re-insert the battery. Once you've replaced the battery door, sync your GoZone using the USB cord. Your GoZone should begin counting steps again.

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