How do I connect to Moves?

You can follow a step-by-step guide on how to connect to the Moves mobile application by clicking here, or you can use the steps listed below.

1)  Make sure that you have downloaded the Moves mobile application onto a compatible mobile device.

2)  Create a Moves account, and log in. Leave the mobile app open while you perform the next few steps.

3)  Log into your account on the Virgin Pulse member website.

4)  Hover over your profile picture icon in the right corner of the top navigation menu. In the drop-down menu that appears, select “Devices & Apps”.

5)  Scroll down and locate the Moves section on the page, hover over it, and click the “Connect” button that appears.

6) You’ll be re-directed to a page with instructions on how to connect to Moves. You’ll be given a unique code that you need to enter into the Moves app.

7)  In the Moves app, go to the Main Menu and select “Connected Apps”.

8)  Select “Enter PIN” and enter the code that is displayed on the Virgin Pulse screen, and click “OK”.

9)  In the pop-up that displays, click “Allow”.

10)  After entering the code and confirming permission request, wait for the Virgin Pulse page to update automatically.

11)  Your connection will made successfully, and you’ll be redirected back to the “Devices & Apps” page, where there should be a link icon in the top right corner of the Moves section of the page.

12)  Step activity does not need to be uploaded, it will be transferred to your Virgin Pulse account in batches, every one hour.

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