How can I invite more players to my challenge?

To invite more players to you personal challenge, complete the following:

1)  Click on the “Challenges” option in the top navigation menu. 

2)  On the Challenge Dashboard, locate the challenge to which you'd like to invite more players. Click on the challenge.

3)  You'll be re-directed to the Challenge Rankings page for your challenge. Click on the "Invite Players" button.

Note*: You can only invite more players to your challenge before the challenge end date.

4)  The "Invite Players to Your Challenge" pop-up will appear. Your Friends will display alphabetically by first name. To invite someone to your challenge, click on the "Invite" button next to their name. If you are not friends with someone, you can search for them by name using the "Find Colleagues" tab.

5)  The invited members will receive a challenge invitation email, as well as a notification on their Virgin Pulse member website.

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