What is MyFitnessPal?

Virgin Pulse has partnered with MyFitnessPal, the world’s leading on-the-go nutrition tracking site and mobile application that includes nutrition data on over five million foods! MyFitnessPal offers a food tracking diary so you can easily track your food intake and calories. 

Depending on your sponsor's rewards, you can earn Points daily for tracking your calories and for connecting your MyFitnessPal account to your Virgin Pulse account.

Connect your MyFitnessPal account (free and easy to create!) directly with Virgin Pulse to allow nutrition data and activity calories burned to flow automatically between the two systems. Seamlessly manage your caloric intake, activity data, and weight while browsing healthy recipes – all in one place!

Note*: Only nutrition information will be transferred from MyFitnessPal into your Virgin Pulse account. Exercise information entered into MyFitnessPal will not be transferred.

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