How to set a Weight Goal

Please note that the Nutrition Guide must be offered by your sponsor in order for you to be able to access it and set a Weight Goal. 

1)  Log into your account on the Virgin Pulse member website.

2)  Hover over “Tracking” in the top-navigation menu. In the drop-down menu that appears, select “Nutrition Guide”.

3)  Once you've selected your Nutrition Profile and clicked the "Start My Guide" button, you'll be directed to your Nutrition Guide.

4)  Once on the Nutrition Guide, locate the "My Weight" chart in the middle of the page. Click on the "Set a Weight Goal" button on the chart.

5)  In the pop-up that appears, enter your weight goal (using whole numbers only, no decimals) into the text field. You can change this goal at any time, so you can enter a short-term weight goal or aim high for your overall goal - whatever works to motivate you!

6)  Once you've entered your weight goal, click on the "Save My Goal" button.

7)  The pop-up will close, and the "My Weight" chart will re-populate to display your weight goal as a dotted line across the chart, so you can keep track of your logged weight measurements in accordance to your goal.

8)  To update your weight goal, simply click on the "(edit)" text next to your goal on the chart. This will open the pop-up (shown above) for you to update and save your goal.

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