What devices can I use to track my sleep with Virgin Pulse?

When you set up your personalized Sleep Guide, you will need to select which Sleep Tracker you'll be using to track your sleep. Virgin Pulse is compatible with the following devices:

  • Max
  • Max Buzz
  • Fitbit
    • Fitbit Alta
    • Fitbit Blaze
    • Fitbit Surge
    • Fitbit Charge
    • Fitbit Charge HR
    • Fitbit Charge 2
    • Fitbit Force
    • Fitbit Flex
    • Fitbit Flex 2
    • Fitbit One
    • Fitbit Ultra
    • Fitbit Ionic
    • Fitbit Versa
  • Misfit
    • Misfit Shine
    • Misfit Shine 2
    • Misfit Speedo Shine
    • Misfit Ray
    • Misfit Flash
  • Garmin (devices vary - check the Garmin website to see if your device tracks sleep)
  • Sleep Time by Azumio
  • Manual Tracking (not validated)

Note*: We do not accept sleep data from the Apple Watch because the Apple Watch does not track sleep. 

You can use multiple sleep trackers; however, you can only view data on the Sleep Guide from one tracker at a time.

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