What is a Pre-Bed Window?

The Pre-Bed Window is classified as the two hours prior to bedtime when you should be winding down, quieting your mind, and preparing for sleep. We have identified five activities that may negatively affect your sleep quality when done too close to your bedtime: moderate/vigorous exercise, alcohol, caffeine, heavy or spicy foods, and screen time.

One of the great features in the Sleep Guide for Virgin Pulse that helps differentiate our sleep solution from others in the industry is that you can track your pre-bedtime activity. What makes this so unique is by tracking these activities, you can start uncovering patterns and trends between how well you slept in relation to what you did during your pre-bed window. 

Check out the "How do I add Pre-Bedtime Activities?" article to learn how to add these activities to your pre-bed window. Please note, the Sleep Guide must be offered by your sponsor in order for you to be able to access it.

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