I've been injured. How can I still actively participate?

Please note, your Employer may have a different process for reasonable alternative exceptions, so it is a possibility that Virgin Pulse would refer you to your internal Human Resources department to complete your request. 

At Virgin Pulse, we have a Short-Term Limited Participation program available to provide members with an alternative way to continue to earn points in the event that you have, or are affected by, a short-term condition (e.g., a routine injury, normal pregnancy, etc.) that makes it unreasonably difficult or inadvisable for you to participate in the Virgin Pulse program. If you meet these terms, you are eligible for the limited participation program, and can follow the process below to receive 140 points per day.

Please reach out to our Member Services team via chat or phone, and we will provide you with a "Short-Term Limited Participation" form.  You will need to print and fill out the form according to the instructions.

Once completed, please fax it to us at the number listed on the bottom of the form. Once the form has been received, verified, and approved, an exception will be applied to your account and a confirmation email will be sent to you with further instructions.

In order to receive the daily 140 Point maximum for activity, you must enter a workout using the "Get a Workout" Healthy Habits tracker on the "Healthy Habits" page. Check out the "How do I receive the Reasonable Alternative reward for activity?" article for more information. 

Note*: Should you need additional time added for your exception, you must send a new form with updated start and end dates to continue to be eligible to receive 140 points per day.


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