How do I track sleep on my Max?

To track your sleep using the Max device, use the following steps:

1)  Press the button on the side of the Max device to navigate to the Sleep screen. (Don't see the Sleep screen? You may need a firmware update to enable sleep tracking. Check out the "How do I perform a Firmware Update?" article for instructions.)

2)  Place your Max into your Max wristband and safely secure the wristband onto either wrist (whichever it will be most comfortable on while sleeping). You do not have to track sleep with Max using the Max wristband, but it significantly improves tracking accuracy.  

Note*: We highly recommend that you wear the Max during sleep tracking, as some movement is needed in order for your sleep session to be recorded as validated.

3)  You're now ready to start your sleep session! While on the Sleep screen on the Max, press and hold down the button on the side of the device until the screen switches to "SLEEPING".

4)  Now it's time for the fun part - close those eyes and get some sleep!

5)  When you are finished sleeping, press the button on the side to end your sleep session and to see your total time asleep.

Note*: Do not turn off sleep tracking until you are completely done sleeping. If you wake up, but plan to go back to sleep shortly, leave your sleep tracking on. Max does not recognize multiple sleep sessions in one day and will only recognize the longest session for a given day.

6)  Upload your sleep data via USB using the Sync software, or wirelessly through the Virgin Pulse mobile application.

7)  Review your sleep data online by selecting "Stats" in the "Tracking" drop-down in the top navigation menu, and scrolling down to the "My Sleep" chart.

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