How do I complete the Health Assessment?

Please note, the Health Assessment must be offered by your sponsor in order for you to be able to access it. For more information, visit the "My Rewards" page or the "How to Earn" page on your member website. If your Virgin Pulse program includes the Health Assessment, you'll be able to complete the Health Assessment on your Virgin Pulse member website. 

1)  Log into your account on the Virgin Pulse member website.

2)  Click on “Programs” in the top-navigation menu. 

3)  You'll be redirected to the "Programs" page which contains information about the additional wellness programs and resources brought to you by Virgin Pulse and your sponsor.

4)  Locate the "Health Assessment" section on the page.


Note*: This section could also be called the "Health Risk Assessment".

5)  Click the link within "Click here to start your assessment!" to begin your Health Assessment. 

Note*: If you have previously completed your Health Assessment, you can also find a link to view your report in this section of the Programs page.

6)  You'll be redirected to a secure partner site to complete your Health Assessment. 

7)  To start your Health Assessment, simply scroll down the page and begin answering the questions on the page. Since this is a questionnaire that takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete, your progress will be saved if you do not complete it and decide to finish it at a later date.

8)  Once you're done answering all of the questions on the Health Assessment, click on the "Finish" button.

Note*: If you have missed a mandatory question, you will be alerted and will have to answer before you can complete the Health Assessment.

9)  Once you've finished, you'll be directed to the report of your results!

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