October 2015

Polar Heart Rate Monitor Integration

The Virgin Pulse program now integrates with Polar Heart Rate Monitor devices! If you already have your own Polar device, you can connect it via the Devices & Apps page. If you want a Polar device, you can buy one at the Virgin Pulse store.

You will earn points based on the duration of your Polar session:

  • 15 minute session = 70 points
  • 30 minute session = 100 points
  • 45+ minute session = 140 points

A 15-minute session is equivalent to 7,000 steps or 15 active minutes. You can see your sessions on the My Stats page under My Workout and Calories Burned.

Virgin Pulse Mobile App Updates


You know that you can already complete your Daily Cards on the go and now you can schedule reminders or turn notifications off in the app settings, if you prefer.


You can now add and remove Healthy Habit trackers on the mobile app. From the Healthy Habits menu, you can tap Add/Remove My Habits, then use the On/Off toggle to add or remove trackers.

Live Chat Now Available:

Did you know that Live Chat on our site is now available? Start a conversation with someone on our Member Services team by clicking the Chat button on the left side of any page of the website. This will open a pop-up where you can type your question. Expect a response within about 30 seconds! If the team is unavailable, a Help button will bring up a web form allowing inquiries to be sent to our Member Services team via email.

New To The Virgin Pulse Store:

We’ve got some awesome new items available in our Virgin Pulse store! You can still find activity tracking devices like the Virgin Pulse Max, Fitbit, Misfit and now Polar, but we also have items like yoga mats, resistance balls, foam rollers, and so much more.

Visit our store today, take a peek around and browse some great new merchandise, plus free shipping!

Got a Misfit device and looking to jazz it up? We’ve got the goods! New Misfit accessories are now available, including sleek metal mesh bands in silver and black, leather wristbands in tan and black, a sport necklace and three-packs of sport wristbands in different colors. Get them now in the Virgin Pulse store!

Additional Updates:

Have a device that tracks sleep? Your validated sleep tracking data can now be seen on the Healthy Habits "Get Some Sleep" tracker. Remember to use that tracker as one of your three daily Healthy Habits and earn rewards for catching those Zzz’s!

You can now self-enter your blood pressure on the My Stats page. Scroll down to Blood Pressure and click Log Blood Pressure to track.

Website improvements:

1. Created an additional Notification area to provide updates when:

      • You connect a device
      • Someone joins a Personal Challenge that you created or have joined

      • Personal Challenge winner announcements are available
      • Someone joins a Featured Challenge small team which you created or joined previously
      • A member accepts your Friend request (when Friends feature available)

      • A member you’re already Friends with gains new friends

 2. Updated background image for Other Devices area on Spend My PulseCash page (when feature available).

3. Suggested friends no longer show up multiple times in the friend popup (when Friends feature available).

4. Electronic deposits of PulseCash now supported on v2 (US members only, when feature available).

5. Fixed minor UI issues with showing the challenge rules link on a personal challenge details page.

6. Fixed a ranking display issue with showing rank on Friends leaderboard versus the seven (7) day leaderboard page.

7. Allowed exploring unlocked states when the challenge is in the winner state.

8. Created an email to send to members once they've successfully completed an electronic deposit.

9. Created a Tutorial specific to Friends (when feature available).

10. In addition to adding friends, you can now remove friends. Perfect for that one friend who keeps showing you up in challenges! (when feature available).

11. Revamped the To Do list, and added a new, expanded viewing option.

12. The personal challenge dashboard will now automatically refresh after bulk inviting members.

iOS updates

  1. OS 3.0.101 (released on 10/05)
  2. Fixed issue where default text of $100 showing in program details.
  3. Crash bug fixes.



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