November 2015

Virgin Pulse has released several exciting new features. You will see them as your employer/sponsor makes them available:


New Notification Bubble

You may notice a new notification bubble on the top right corner of your Virgin Pulse account, to the right of the Friends notifications. When a number pops up in this bubble, it means you have notifications available for either Personal Challenges, Featured Challenges, Friend related activity, device connections, or new Chat messages.

New Mobile App Updates

The Program Details section of the Virgin Pulse mobile app now houses more great information! Just click on the Program Details section of the app, which will expand and allow you to view the rewards you’ve earned so far, how many more days are left in this game, all of your earnings for each day in both the present and past months as well as how to earn even more rewards in the Virgin Pulse program!

Android users, the app now tracks steps from Samsung Health and Google Fit.

Don't forget to get the latest version of the Virgin Pulse Mobile App on the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store!

Additional Updates 

You can now chat with fellow challenge participants within Personal and Featured Challenges on the challenge detail page.

Last month, we mentioned that Polar Heart Rate Monitors and the Polar Beats app are now compatible with the Virgin Pulse program. Now, in addition to sessions, you can now see your calories burned data from Polar on the My Stats page.

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