How do I direct deposit my PulseCash?

Congratulations on earning PulseCash - we know that you worked hard for it! Note*: You can only earn Pulse Cash if it is applicable to your program. Check out your "My Rewards" page for more information on your program rewards!

You can direct deposit your PulseCash into a personal checking or savings account by following these steps:

1)  Log into your account on the Virgin Pulse member website.

2)  Hover over “Rewards” in the top-navigation menu. In the drop-down menu that appears, select “My Rewards”.


3)  On the "My Rewards" page, click on the "Spend" tab.

4)  Click on the "Put It In the Bank" icon.

Note*: Your sponsor must offer PulseCash as a reward type in order to have this option. 

5)  You'll be redirected to "Step 1" of the "Electronic Deposit" process where you will add the amount of PulseCash that you'd like to deposit into your personal checking or savings account.

6)  Enter the value you'd like to deposit into the text field below "Amount to deposit". You can enter a value with two decimals (ex. $75.12).

Note*: This minimum value for deposit is $1.00 and the maximum is $750.00. You cannot request to deposit a larger amount of PulseCash than you have available.

7)  Click on the "Next: Bank Information >" button to continue.

8)  You'll be redirected to "Step 2" of the "Electronic Deposit" process where you will enter the account information for the bank account in which you'd like to deposit your PulseCash.

9)  Enter your 9-digit routing number into the text box below "9-Digit Routing Number". 

Note*: If you're unsure of this number, please check with your banking establishment, or refer to a personal check (guide image displayed above).

10)  Enter your bank account number in the text box below "Your Account Number:".

11)  Enter your bank account number again in the text box below "Re-enter Your Account Number:".

12)  Select the radio button for either "Checking" or "Savings" based on the type of bank account in which you'd like to deposit your PulseCash.

Note*: The bank account must be a personal checking or savings account. You cannot make a deposit to a business or international account. 

13)  Click on the "Next: Confirm Details >" button to continue.

14)  You'll be redirected to "Step 3" of the "Electronic Deposit" process where you will double-check all of the information that you've entered, and initiate your transaction.

15)  Read through the account information that you have entered, and confirm that it is 100% accurate. Once you have initiated the transaction, it cannot be reversed. 

16)  Read through the authorization statement, and then click on the checkbox next to "I authorize Virgin Pulse...".

17)  Click on the "Submit Deposit Request" button to initiate the direct deposit transaction.

18)  Voila! Your direct deposit transaction has been submitted for approval. There is one final validation step that will be completed by your bank prior to the funds being added to your account.  Your PulseCash direct deposit will display in your bank account in 7 business days. 

Note*: A business day is Monday through Friday, and does not include weekends or holidays. Transactions submitted after 7:00PM EST will not be processed until the following day.

19)  Click on the "Please Print the Deposit Request Details for your Records" button in order to save your direct deposit transaction details, including the unique Transaction ID number. 

20)  If the PulseCash does not display in your bank account after 7 business days, please reach out to our Member Services team via phone or chat to look into your issue. If the transaction is returned by your bank (such as for an incorrect or invalid bank account number), the PulseCash will be restored to your Virgin Pulse account within 7 business days.

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