How can I edit a challenge that I've created?

If your challenge has not yet started, you can update the Challenge Name or Challenge Description before it begins.

To edit your challenge before it begins, follow these steps:

1)  Click on the “Challenges” option in the top navigation menu. Select “Challenge Dashboard”.

2)  On the Challenge Dashboard, click on the challenge that you'd like to edit.

3)  Once on the Challenge Rankings page, click on the "Edit Challenge" link in the top, right corner. 

4)  A pop-up will appear with the Challenge Name and Challenge Description. You can choose to update the Challenge Name and/or the Challenge Description. You cannot change the start date or end date.

5)  Click the “Save Challenge” button to save your changes.

6)  The pop-up will close, and you'll be brought to your Challenge Rankings page for your challenge, where your saved changes will be applied. 

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