Do measurements from the Fitbit Aria Scale count? Are there rewards tied to it?

Yes, validated weight measurements taken with the Fitbit Aria Scale will display in your account on the Stats page. However, you cannot earn any points or rewards for measurements taken via the Fitbit Aria Scale.

In order to receive measurement information from your Fitbit scale, you must have the scale registered to your Fitbit account. You also must have your Fitbit account paired to your Virgin Pulse account. (Not sure how to connect to Fitbit? Check out our "How do I connect to Fitbit?" article.)

Once these accounts are paired, Virgin Pulse will pull any weight measurement that you record with your Aria Scale. Your weight will be captured in the "Weight" chart on the "Stats" page.

Don't have a Fitbit Aria Scale? They are available for purchase in the Virgin Pulse Store!

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