I've completed the Health Assessment, but have not received the reward.

Oh no! Let's confirm a few things:

1)  Check out the "My Rewards" page or the "How to Earn" page to confirm that you have "Complete the Health Assessment" available as a reward trigger. If it is, note how often you can be rewarded for completing the assessment (usually once per program year).

2)  Check out your "Monthly Statement" and see if "Complete the Health Assessment" reward is listed. If it is, this means that you have successfully earned the reward!

3)  Confirm that you have officially completed the Health Assessment by accessing it, scrolling to the bottom, and clicking on the "Finish" button. If you haven't completed a required question, you'll be alerted.

4)  You can also confirm that you have officially completed the Health Assessment by accessing the Programs page in your Virgin Pulse account, and clicking on the link to view the report of your results. If you're redirected to the Health Assessment, and not a report, you have not officially completed the Health Assessment yet (and see Step #4 above). 

5)  You could be experiencing a slight delay in the triggering of rewards. This can sometimes occur during times where there is a high volume of users accessing the site. Peak times of the day for website use is usually first thing in the morning and lunch time during the week. We suggest logging back into the Virgin Pulse website later in the day, and see if your "Complete the Health Assessment" reward has appeared in your account.

6)  If you have checked all of the items above, and you still do not see the reward for "Complete the Health Assessment", please reach out to our Member Services team via phone or chat for further troubleshooting.

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