How do I earn the Workout reward triggers?

Please note, that earning of the Workout reward triggers must be offered by your sponsor. Check out your "How to Earn" page or the "My Rewards" page to learn about your earning opportunities!

You can earn the rewards for "Workout for 15, 30, or 45 Minutes per day" using your compatible Garmin or Polar device or the Strava mobile application.

Once you've paired your Garmin device, if compatible, Polar device, or Strava account to your Virgin Pulse account, you can earn rewards for workout sessions tracked with the above-mentioned device or application. 

  • 15 minute Workout will earn 70 Points.
  • 30 minute Workout will earn 100 Points.
  • 45 minute Workout will earn 140 Points.

Note*: 140 Points is the maximum daily reward for step/active minutes/workout session activity. However, you will not be rewarded for steps and active minutes and workout sessions in the same day, but you will rather be rewarded for for the activity with the higher reward amount.

If you upload your activity more than once per day, your points will adjust per the step/active minutes/workout session count.

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