Where can I find the Online Coaching Form?

Your sponsor or employer may offer additional Points or rewards for completing a Wellness Coaching program. If this type of incentive is available to you, it will be listed as a reward on the "My Rewards" page or the "How to Earn" page. 

All of the details regarding your Wellness Coaching will be listed on the Programs page within the Virgin Pulse member website. You may be required to print, complete, and fax a form to Virgin Pulse, or you may have to complete a Coaching Attestation form on the website.

1)  Log into your Virgin Pulse member website.

2)  Click on the "Programs" tab in the top navigation menu.

3)  Locate the Online Wellness Coaching (or similarly named) section to view the details. The respective section may host a link to the respective vendor's website, or provide you with an attestation form, or prompt you to download a form if available/necessary.

If you have to use a form, please print and fill it out according to the instructions outlined on the form itself or in the respective program section, and send it to the respective vendor via contact methods likewise outlined on the form itself.

If you have to use an Attestation form (pictured below), please make certain to provide all the required data and do not forget to click on "Submit" afterwards so your input can be processed.


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