I am missing points.

Please note, that earning of Points must be offered by your sponsor. Check out your "How to Earn" page or the "My Rewards" page to learn about your earning opportunities!

If you are missing points for your Biometric Screening, PCP Visit, or any other type of custom reward that is available through your sponsor, it could be that Virgin Pulse is waiting to receive the information from a third-party vendor. The amount of time can vary per sponsor, but 30 days is the general timeframe for you to see these rewards reflected in your Virgin Pulse member account.

If you are missing points for activity, make sure to check that you haven't already earned points on that date for any type of activity. For example, if you're tracking Steps and Active Minutes, you will not receive daily points for both values. You'll be rewarded for your Steps or Active Minutes, whichever total yields a higher reward amount (ex. if you have 30 Active Minutes and 13,000 Steps, we would reward you 130 points for the Steps, which is greater than the 100 points you would receive for the Active Minutes).

If you've checked the items above, and you are still not seeing the points reward in your account, there could be a slight delay in rewards due to a high volume of users accessing the Virgin Pulse website. Peak times of the day for website use is usually first thing in the morning and lunch time during the week. If you have the ability to visit the site a little bit later when you encounter delays, that may help. 

If you're still experiencing an issue, please feel free to contact our Member Services team via chat or phone, and we will look into the delay for you.

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